Custom Modernization

There are many reasons why you need to ensure that your elevator systems are fully modernized. For example, elevator statues and building codes are updated on a consistent basis as parts become obsolete and require upgrades. Also, parts become obsolete and require upgrades. If for any reason your equipment is not up to code or grade, you could incur fines and penalties, and even be held liable for any bodily injury as a result of your failed equipment.

Don’t simply trust your maintenance contractor to know what modernization steps you need to follow; many do not have the necessary information. Dade Elevator has up-to-date knowledge of elevator codes and can evaluate your elevator system for compliance and recommend steps for equipment modernization.

Modernization Spec

Once we have gathered enough information and research on your equipment, we will draft a Modernization Spec (MOD). The MOD includes a full

evaluation of parts, recommendations for non-proprietary equipment and installations needed in order to bring parts up to code, and much more — outlining every step your maintenance contractor will need to take in order to upgrade your systems.

Your MOD will be personalized to your equipment’s needs and will include all of the following:

  • Evaluation of existing installations/equipment and work by others, including fire alarms, electrical systems, etc.
  • Identification of which parts need to be retained, refurbished or replaced
  • Recommendation of non-proprietary equipment, which will be more cost-effective for your company in the long run
  • Recommendation of necessary warranties, permits and licenses, and even take our service a step further by adding stipulations, such as one year of free service, to bids from competing service companie
  • Based on our evaluation findings and client expectations, timing and budget, Dade Elevator will recommend several different maintenance contractors. These contractors are selected based on their craftsmanship, reputation, strengths and ability to satisfy your facility’s needs

Project Management Services

After delivering your customized MOD, Dade Elevator offers Project
Management services.

  • Will act as middle-man between your company and contractors that bid on your project
  • Will work for your best interest. We DO NOT have pre-existing relationships with elevator contractors
  • Will also coordinate schedule and review the work needed by non-elevator companies, including engineers, electricians, etc., and make sure all equipment installations are done to manufacturers specifications