Routine and Annual Inspections Are Essential

Not only for the life of your elevators, but also for your bottom line. With a proper inspection you can avoid costly repairs and liability in case of an accident. Whether you require an Annual Test/1-Year Test/Cat 1 Test or a 5-Year Test/Cat 5 Test, Dade Elevator can provide you with the Elevator License your building is required to have.

Why Do I Need an Inspection?

The importance of regular inspections cannot be stressed enough. Without a current Certificate of Operation, which you receive after each inspection, the state can fine you for not complying with your jurisdiction’s elevator codes. Moreover, you will also be held liable if someone were to sustain an injury while in the expired elevator, possibly resulting in a cancellation of your current insurance policy.

Elevator codes are constantly changing and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Only an expert on area-specific elevator codes can thoroughly and properly inspect and license your elevator equipment.

Why Dade Elevator?

No matter where you’re located — Monroe County, Miami-Dade County, Broward County and beyond — the experts at Dade Elevator can give your building the attention and care it needs.

Dade Elevator is responsible for more than half of the elevator inspections in Miami-Dade, a county that is known to have the most stringent elevator codes. With an entire county putting its trust in us, you can rest assured that Dade Elevator is experienced and more than capable to handle any situation in any county. Our thorough knowledge of elevator codes throughout all of South Florida and even farther, is a testament to this.

As an independent elevator inspection company, Dade Elevator has no ties to other elevator companies. This means that any equipment or maintenance company we recommend will be 100 percent based on your elevator’s needs, not on any obligations or back-door negotiations.

Additionally, for your convenience, clients of Dade Elevator can utilize this website in order to create, view and maintain their properties’ information, inspections schedule, findings, recommendations and so much more.